Coax Cable to Fit your Needs

| Amanda Kole
Are you searching for a source for all your Coax cable requirements? Look no more! WireMasters is a leading source for all your coax cables. With three warehouse locations, WireMasters has an abundant inventory of coaxial cables in stock available for immediate shipments. Maybe you need a custom coaxial cable? No problem. WireMasters can work with our design team to build a custom cable solution for your specific application!
The traditional coaxial cables are known as the M17/RG constructions. These cables were created 50 to 60 years ago to utilize on WWII military applications and have grown to be the product of choice for many commercial wireless applications. Over the years, these constructions have been widely adopted for commercial and military applications because of their high quality. This spec holds QPL status which helps insure all products are built to the same specifications, no matter the manufacturer.
The spec holds a number of key characteristics that make it a top of the line product. Composed of solid dielectric material, these cables provide excellent power handling capabilities as they operate in broad temperature ranges. Their silver plating helps reduce the oxidation of the conductors, which in turn minimizes attenuation change vs time. These cables can withstand harsh conditions and are even considered crush resistant!
Although the spec offers multiple options of high quality cables for you, maybe you still are missing a component that would help provide your system a solution. That’s why WireMasters provides Laser Printable Coaxial Cable. While still adhering to the Mil-C-17 spec, these cables are designed to meet complex challenges that modern applications and engineers could be facing. Utilizing high temperature fluoropolymer compounds, WireMasters in turn increases the cables flexibility and offers unsurpassed marking versatility.
Whether you need a standard construction of coaxial cable, or a custom coaxial cable tailored to a specific application, our knowledgeable Account Executives can provide the solution. Call WireMasters today for a quote on these items and to learn more about this most versatile product! You may also CLICK HERE to learn more about our WireMasters Coaxial cable.