Our Story

From our start in the USA to our now global presence - WireMasters is your trusted partner in the aviation, aerospace, and defense industries. Reliability, efficiency, and top-tier customer service are our namesake. Learn more about the beginning that has paved a bright future.

The Start of Something Great


The movie Big hits theaters, NASA resumes space shuttle flights, Bobby McFerrin’s, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” reaches number-one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and, with 5,000 square feet and five employees, John D. Huett incorporates WireMasters in Franklin, Tennessee.

Within a few years, WireMasters purchases the full 10,000 square-foot building, and future owner David C. Hill joins the team as a warehouse employee in 1991. By 1994, another addition was required to be added to the building.

A Time of Change and Mourning


Sadly, in 1996 WireMasters founder John D. Huett passes away.

John’s brother-in-law Dennis Veach was then named President of WireMasters.

Tragically, just three years later, Dennis Veach perishes in a hunting accident.

Grassroots Growth


In 1999, David C. Hill took the seat as the President of WireMasters.

After a decade of working in various roles throughout the company—Warehouse, Quality, Purchasing / Sales Manager, and President—David C. Hill literally “bets the farm” to purchase WireMasters in 2001.

Expecting only the best, Mr. Hill knew the potential of WireMasters and made expansive moves to progress the team and company forward for the 21st Century.

Millenium Momentum


After numerous additions to the building in Franklin, WireMasters purchased a 43,000 square foot complex 20 miles South in Columbia, Tennessee to become its primary headquarters.


WireMasters’ dedication to inventory for its customers would require its headquarters to more than double in size to 70,000 square feet. By this time, WireMasters annual sales surpassed $50 million.


To house more inventory and provide closer shipping options for many of our customers, WireMasters expanded operations to Mesa, Arizona in 2012 and Grapevine, Texas in 2013.

As the decade progressed, WireMasters would acquire WyreTek, LLC of Cranston Rhode Island in 2015–providing yet another manufacturing and distribution facility in the United States.

The latter half of the twenty-teens would lead to even more international growth, as WireMasters opened their first international stocking and distribution facility in Queretaro, Mexico in 2016.


WireMasters acquired the Germany-based company, DANNEWITZ GmbH & Co (DKG), which established WireMasters' first warehouse location in Europe. By the end of the decade, the name would officially change to WireMasters GmbH & Co. KG.

In the last two years of the decade, WireMasters would expand yet again in Mexico—this time with a new stocking and distribution facility in Mexicali, Mexico and Chihuahua, Mexico. With a new, larger facility, WyreTek would officially become WireMasters.

Vision Beyond 2020

With a record-breaking first quarter, hundreds of employees worldwide, 2020 was to be a year of big things.

Like most companies, WireMasters was not immune to COVID-19 or its effects on the economy. Throughout 2020, WireMasters worked relentlessly through the pandemic and stuck to its plan to keep its employees safe, product on time, and customers pleased.

Despite global unrest, WireMasters stayed strong through the pandemic and even purchased 17 adjacent acres to expand and build a new, state-of-the-art corporate headquarters.

The most notable news of 2020 for WireMasters was the announcement from Mr. Hill that he planned to retire at the end of the year from his role as CEO to serve as Chairman of the Board alongside other members of the Executive Board including his sons Brad Hill and Brent Hill.

Knowing that the future of WireMasters’ success hinged on WireMasters continual commitment to customer satisfaction and technology, 18-year WireMasters veteran Drew Love was appointed CEO.

Leading a company of this size is not a one-person job, so WireMasters reorganized to ensure proper leadership globally to support the company's continued growth and dedication to its employees and customers. In addition to a heavily-experienced leadership team, Mr. Hill and the entire board remain heavily involved in supporting WireMasters leadership and growth efforts.

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