How VMI works?

WireMasters specializes in a wide array of value-added services! Our experienced team works with your engineers to ensure that all customized products match your systems’ requirements to help make your life easier and reduce overall project cost and lead time.

Planning your Project

Your path to a modern, optimized supply chain starts with establishing a list of items critical to your business. We define your list of contracted items and identify minimum and maximum quantity thresholds for each.  

This ensures that you and your dedicated WireMasters team can monitor, adjust, and replenish your inventory within the designated range and in real time based on actual consumption. This is completed through your custom portal and analytics software with optional EDI capabilities.  

What could be better than ensuring the products you need are on your shelves, when you need them? You don’t pay for product until you use it—increasing your financial leverage and improving your company’s cash flow! The pricing structure established under this program will be held throughout the length of your agreement, so you know what the price is today, tomorrow, and well into the future!  

Once an agreement has been executed, the VMI Implementation Specialist and your WireMasters team will work with you as a liaison to facilitate the process.  

How VMI works

Implementing your Project 

Implementation starts by collecting any pertinent data in preparation for your on-site installation and program launch. This includes—but is not limited to— ordering material, equipment, making site preparations as well as gathering data needed to create your custom VMI portal. 

To make the process even easier, WireMasters provides assistance and training to your team during the on-site implementation. This helps to ensure your staff are comfortable receiving material for the program as well as utilization and consumption processes. 

Based on your agreement terms, either your on-site team or, potentially, a WireMasters on-site employee, will receive your materials and store them in the designated WireMasters VMI site at your location. 

What happens to material you already have on hand? While on-site, we create labels with unique identifiers that track the product as existing, customer-owned material to ensure those items are depleted first. 

Once on-site implementation is complete, your WireMasters team will focus on monitoring your inventory through your robust VMI portal. The best part is, this enhanced data and analytics are accessible to you 24/7 and provide 100% transparency into real time inventory and consumption as well as improved forecasting information. 

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