Professional Associations

In a world where things are constantly changing, WireMasters strives to keep its finger on the pulse of the industries that we serve and remain connected to our customers.


Part of WireMasters' commitment to customers and suppliers is providing exceptional service with the utmost quality. To help meet these demands, WireMasters® is a member of many of the top prestigious professional organizations to ensure that every measure possible is taken to best serve our industry and community.
The aerospace and defense industries formulate a large aviation community. WireMasters recognizes the importance of dedication to each sector, such as; Business Aviation, Civil Aviation, Helicopter/ Rotorcrafts, Avionics, and more. To help adhere to these advancements, WireMasters is a member of the following industry-focused professional organizations:

The wire and cable industry is always evolving due to changes in aviation standards and demands.

As a wire, cable, and connectivity distributor, being updated and part of the designing and manufacturing process is essential in ensuring we are technical experts bringing you the latest and top quality products. WireMasters remains informed and advised on new specifications and changes by being members of these professional organizations:

Beyond industry standards, WireMasters is focused on instilling trust in our customers and the community. As a family-owned company, WireMasters opened its doors in 1988. Since our founding, we have become members of the following organizations to uphold the most accreditation in all business relationships: