Current Metal Prices

As with any manufactured product, the cost of producing military specification wire and cable can vary depending on the price and availability of natural resources and other base materials. For example, the price of some of our popular mil spec products (M22759, M27500, M25038, M16878) is influenced by and subject to the rise or fall of Copper, Silver, and Nickel prices. The charts below have been compiled to reflect the historical pricing of these important raw materials.

Wire Related Metal Prices

All Metals Prices

Nickel Prices

Copper Prices

copper prices

Silver Prices

silver prices

Disclaimer: The prices represented above are gathered from independent sources, and are historical in nature. While our intent is to provide a credible resource, WireMasters does not guarantee the accuracy of this information. These charts are intended for informational purposes only and WireMasters denies any liability from decisions made based on the data represented above. Past performance is no indication of future performance.  WireMasters does not make any forecast regarding the future pricing of these commodities.