Value-Added Services at WireMasters

Custom Cables

WireMasters® stocks millions of feet of Mil-Spec, EN Spec, and BMS wire and cable in locations across the globe, but sometimes you might need a cable made specifically for your application. WireMasters will work closely with engineers to design a cable that adheres to your exact qualifications.

If you are improving an existing aerospace or defense application, looking for a hard to find product or one that might not exist, or maybe your current cable is not meeting your expectation, then WireMasters custom cable designs can help!

Once your cable design is complete, a WireMasters WM9100 series part number is assigned to be identified for future orders or quotes easily. Under the WM9100 part number, WireMasters can keep a supply of inventory readily available so you can avoid extended lead times.

Contact us to help design your custom cable. Once we have all your information, we can create a custom cable that will meet or exceed your requirements and expectations.

In addition to custom cables, WireMasters also offers wire processing services, including wire striping, twisting, and more.

Custom Cables and Design Considerations

Custom cable is often the solution when Mil-Spec wire and cable specifications do not meet your needs. Scenarios include:

  • Improving an existing aerospace or defense application
  • Looking for a hard-to-find product or one that might not exist
  • Your current cable doesn’t meet your expectations

Custom cable is only as good as its design. As such, WireMasters asks you to complete the form below to initiate the start and conversation of your design. Once your information is submitted, our team can create a custom cable that will meet—and typically exceed—your needs.

The purpose of this form is to not only capture the application for the custom cable, but also to gain an understanding of the environment in which the cable will be placed. Please share all of this information in the “Application of Cable” section. It is critically important for our team to know if this is for an engine compartment, swamp area, or in an area where electro-magnetic interference is relevant.

The installation routing is another element to pay attention to so we can ensure the cable will have the correct bend radius. If your custom cable is being placed in a dynamic, moving section of the application, you may consider requesting a coil cord, which will expand and contract based on the movements of your unit.

WireMasters has found that considering future MRO activities may impact the length of the installed custom cable. This means it may be beneficial to design in extra length to serve as a service loop that could simplify future repairs and upgrades. Of course, the extra weight of the cable would need to be measured against future cost savings, but it remains an important design-phase consideration.

Another important consideration is the connectors, backshells, and strain reliefs to be placed on the ends of your custom cable. If you already have a preference, be sure to share those with us. With this information, we can select materials and create dimensions that will successfully mate with your chosen connectors. If you haven’t yet chosen connectors, we will be happy to assist in that area. This follows the concept of “starting with the end in mind”, and allows us, through proper design techniques, to avoid having a custom connector made as well.

Circuit identification is another important aspect of the design. The inner conductors of the cable can be any combination of laser marked wires and cables or inner conductors comprised of different colors or stripe combinations. You can also mix laser marked conductors with solids or stripes, based on your identification preferences and guidelines. The outer jacket can come in many colors and can be printed with the function, part number, applicable specification, or anything else you specify.

Once your cable design is completed, a WireMasters WM9100 series part number is assigned to the cable, allowing for easy quoting and ordering in the future. Furthermore, we can work with you to keep a supply of inventory readily available, avoiding lengthy lead times and minimum order quantity requirements. The Vendor Managed Inventory Solutions section describes that service more completely.

Beyond what is written above, there are even more attributes to consider – such as shielding, testing requirements, and more. Your WireMasters Account Executive can walk you through all the details, making sure we “check every box”!