Mil-C-17 mil coaxial cable is commonly used for data communications and is one of many mil-spec cable products WireMasters stocks. These radio frequency cables are offered in a variety of constructions including flexible and semi-rigid, with solid and semisolid dielectric cores, and with single, dual and twin inner conductors. WireMasters and our manufacturers understand the importance of providing mil coaxial cable with fast transmission rates and high-frequency signals to ensure your systems are performing to their maximum potential. Different MIL-C-17 slant numbers or coax part numbers have different constructions in terms of the inner conductor, OD and dielectric materials, which produces different values for ohms, maximum voltage, and impedance. WireMasters carries many types of mil coaxial cables, including twin axial, triaxial, low noise, low loss, high voltage, and high temp coax cables. Sometimes, the Mil-C-17 spec is referred to as RG cables. RG Cables are older, military coaxial part numbers which now have a corresponding Mil-C-17 part number. All part numbers supplied by WireMasters, regardless of call out, are all supplied by Q.P.L. (Qualified Products List) manufacturers.