VMI Benefits

Operationally, a vendor-managed inventory program can add tremendous value to your organization.

Some of the direct impacts our customers have seen from a WireMasters VMI program include: 

Quality & Outcomes:

  • Reduced stock-out situations
  • Scalability – no SKU limitations  
  • Complete inventory transparency  
  • Customized reporting  
  • Forecast from actual usage and/or import forecasts  
  • Visibility into incoming product and inventory on hand  
  • Real time data  


  • Efficient supply chain management  
  • Less buying cycle transactions  
  • Increased staff productivity  
  • Streamlined workflow and purchasing processes  

Operational Efficiency:  

  • Automated inventory replenishment  
  • Consolidated receiving & billing  
  • Walk-out consumption  
  • Custom stocking solutions  
  • More efficient supply chain management processes  
  • Operational timeliness and met program objectives  


  • Improved cash flow  
  • Extended payment terms  
  • Reduced inventory cost  
  • Decreased carry cost  
  • Decreased transit expense  
  • Utilize capital elsewhere  
  • Reduced administrative cost 

VMI Summary Brochure

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