M85485/12-16T2A is a 16 AWG Two conductor, Tin coated Copper conductor, Tin shielded and jacketed frequency absorptive cable

WM85485/12-16T2A MFG #: M85485/12-16T2A
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  • Color: Black
  • Conductor Count: 2
  • Conductor Type: Tin Plated Copper
  • Insulation: XL PVDF
  • Outer Jacket: Crosslinked Modified ETFE
  • Shield: Tin Plated Copper
  • Temp: 150
  • VoltageRating: 600
Filterline is a "radio frequency absorptive wire” composed tiny particles of conductive material incorporated into the second layer of a 3-layer hookup wire. These conductive particles intercept and block (filter) out typically low-frequency electrical interferences from other outside sources. This technology allows a signal to be transmitted from the control to the component without being harmed or interrupted.
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