M27500-16RA3N06 is a 3 conductor cable with NICKEL COATED Cu ROUND shielding and Teflon jacket with an M22759/3 inner conductor

WMRA-163N06 MFG #: M27500-16RA3N06
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  • Conductor Count: 3
  • Conductor Type: Nickel Plated Copper
  • Gauge: 16
  • Insulation: PTFE tape and PTFE coated fiberglass tape/ PTFE Fiberglass braid
  • Outer Jacket: 06 - Extruded or Taped White PTFE
  • Shield: N - Single NPC Round
  • Supplier: Astro Industries, Helistrand, Specialty Cable Corporation
  • Temp: 260
  • VoltageRating: 600
 M27500 cable products are composed of mil spec inner conductors, single or double shields and single or double jackets. This milspec cable is ideal for use in aircraft and ground support equipment due to its ability to operate in a broad range of temperatures. In addition to being a defense and aerospace cable, this high performance, milspec cable is used in a wide range of general purpose electrical applications.
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