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WMD38999/21NB2PN MFG #: D38999/21NB2PN
Quantity on hand may reflect stock-to-build items. Please allow up to 3-4 business days for stock-to-build connector assembly and up to 18 weeks for quantities exceeding available inventory.
  • 38999 SIII Clocking: N
  • 38999 SIII insert arrangement: B2
  • 38999 SIII Plating: N - Corrosion resistant steel shell, nickel plated conductive
  • 38999 SIII Size: B - 11
  • Connector Contacts: P - Pin
  • Contacts Y or N: Y
Circular connectors falling under the Mil-Spec MIL-DTL-38999 Series 3 are Threaded Coupling – A method for coupling a mating connector pair by connecting the interior threads of a plug with the exterior threads of a receptacle. Self-Locking – This design is intended to eliminate the need for lock-wiring the coupling nut in place with tie wire and is achieved via a spring-loaded, corrugated washer. Triple Start – A coupling mechanism that protects against vibration and makes pairing and unpairing the connectors faster. Scoop-Proof – A long shell that prevents damage to the exposed contact pins during coupling, making it impossible to damage the pins or electrically short the contacts. These high-density electrical connectors are provided as environment resistant connectors with crimp contacts or hermetically sealed connectors with fixed, nonremovable contacts. Operating in temperature ranges of-65°C to +200°C, they provide EMI Shielding, signal/power control, and optical needs in harsh environments.