Wiremasters To Be the First Distributor to Stock Gore® Space Cables

| Amanda Kole

As the authorized North American distributor for W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. (Gore) bulk wire and cable, WireMasters is excited to announce we are adding specific Gore® Space Cables to our product offerings. WireMasters is the first distributor that Gore® has offered their space products to and an initial stock package for the High Data Rate Spaceflight Cables is a necessity.

The aspiration and interest of space travel and satellites continue to rise. For over 25 years, Gore® has been supplying wiring solutions to space applications with a 100% success rate. To achieve a successful mission, reliable and durable data powered cables must be utilized. Gore® uses specialized insulation materials to ensure power is delivered safely and reliably in the challenging environmental conditions endured in space.

ESCC 3902/002 types-GCX/GTX/GBL/GSC, will be part of WireMasters space cable offerings. These in-stock cables provide excellent electrical performance with mechanical robustness to deliver exceptional signal transmission up to 1 GHz in the most challenging situations. 

Composed of Silver-plated, high-strength copper, and copper alloy conductors, the cables hold an Expanded PTFE and/or PTFE dielectric and a PFA outer jacket that can endure temperatures ranging from -200°C to +180°C. These Balanced shielded lines are found in Digital signal processors, High-resolution cameras, sensors, detectors, and High-speed subsystem interconnects due to their small size and light mass which helps minimize the problems associated with balancing weight issues on larger or more substantial devices. The program heritage of these cables includes, but are not limited to, Express MD1/MD2, International Space Station (ISS)James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, and XMM.

In particular, the ESCC 3902/002 GSC cables are equipped with an ePTFE (expandable version) dielectric holding a dielectric Capacitance of 1.3, which is an extremely rapid data transfer rate, versus similar cables which only offer 1.5 or 1.7.

Also, WireMasters will carry ESCC 3902/003 bulk wire for SpaceWire applications. These cables hold Silver-plated, high-strength copper alloy conductors, with expanded PTFE dielectrics with a PFA outer jacket. Often found on satellites using High-resolution cameras, Radar sensor equipment, mass memory units, and telemetry subsystem interconnections, these cables operate in temperatures of -200°C to +180°C, and are most recognized from Space programs such as; Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV), James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), KAI, and SDO. Using a serial, point-to-point data line with Low Voltage Differential Signaling(LVDS), these cables produce high-speed data transmission up to 400 Mbit/s, minimal crosstalk, signal attenuation, and low skew and can be integrated into many different satellite programs without requiring any custom design.

The testing process for these space cables is extensive. GORE® is recertified every two years for space cables to ensure they meet the criteria of the European Space Agency (ESA). Environmental and radiation testing is an essential part of this process. In addition to the certification process, GORE® has its own testing procedures for these cables. Once they are fabricated, the cables are run through machines that relax and expand the cables to prepare them for the stress of extreme atmosphere changes they will encounter in space.

GORE’s capabilities for space cables are for both LEO and GEO orbits and are produced for Manned and Unmanned space missions. Along with the benefits listed above, GORE®also does not use lubrication on their braid within the space cables. Often when using the lubrication, it will cause oils or other substances to clog or shorten out the electric systems once they begin to experience drastic temp changes, but GORE® eliminates that concern with their cables. GORE® also eliminates the worry of the red plague. Although all of Gore’s space products are Silver-plated,  they place a special plating on all their material to prevent the plague from occurring.

WireMasters is excited about this next chapter with our friends at GORE®. It’s another milestone in our aerospace offerings, and we can’t wait to work with you on your next space application project! Stock on these products are set to arrive at WireMasters this month. For more info on these products contact us today.