Why EMI protection?

| Amanda Kole
Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), also known as radio-frequency interference (RFI), occurs when the radio-frequency of an electronic circuit interferes with another electronic device nearby. These waves of disturbances can be caused by carriers of electronic currents like avionics equipment, computers, radios, thunder storms, televisions and cellphones to name a few. With the growing number of electronics on-board modern aircraft, it is of utmost importance to take every precaution to prevent and/or minimize the chance of EMI/RFI occurring.
EMI/RFI has the potential to cause loss of connectivity, obstruction to cockpit radios and radar signals resulting in full or partial communication loss between signal towers and pilot. Clearly, these are potentially drastic consequences, which is why EMI/RFI shielding has become such a vital consideration throughout the wire and cable industry. Aerospace, defense, and military customers such as Boeing, Airbus, Gulfstream, Bombardier, etc. continually demand better solutions for EMI/RFI, since the results of not including strong EMI protection can prove to be dangerous for all passengers on board.
EMI Shielding is usually composed of metal conduits or wire braids that are constructed with various types of materials that provide several degrees of coverage depending on the requirements. During installation, the shielding completely surrounds the wiring bundles providing the desired level of EMI/RFI reduction. These enclosures also significantly reduce the outflow of electromagnetic waves. When these EMI/RFI shielding products are utilized, the shield eliminates the interference by capturing the EMI, grounding it, or dissolving as heat.
T/E Connectivity, IWG, Glenair, Atkins and Pearce, Techflex, and Federal Mogul are some of the top manufacturers of EMI shielding stocked by WireMasters, all of which offer different EMI protection characteristics for a variety of applications. Connectors, backshells, and adapters also have the potential to supply EMI/RFI protection. WireMasters recently teamed with Amphenol PCD as an authorized distributor and now stocks their EMI/RFI protection products within the M85049 military speciation. Amphenol’s protective connectors offer the versatility of standard connectors with EMI protection for sensitive circuits, while offering cost effective and lightweight options - vital considerations when dealing with aerospace applications. Produced with several types of filters, Amphenol EMI Connectors are constructed with low band pass filters, offer quick and efficient installation, and have mil-spec rated selections available.
As technology advances the requirements for EMI/RFI will become more demanding and complex to make sure the optimum protection is provided ensuring radio waves, electromagnetic fields, and electrostatic fields are diminished. WireMasters understands the importance of maximum protection against EMI/RFI on your aircraft and would be glad to help you find a solution to your EMI/RFI issues. Contact our team today!