WireMasters is Ready for the Big Game!

| Todd Edwards

WireMasters is no stranger to intense environments and high-pressure situations. With a lengthy list of wins since 1988, 2023 appears to be no exception for Team WireMasters as they enter their 35th year. They are prepped and ready, as always, for the Big Game! 

Everyone in the industry has known for a long time that WireMasters is the premier partner in connecting the world's most extraordinary systems and platforms. Like any team, that didn't happen overnight—it's clear WireMasters is powered by its people, products, and passion for service.  

Everything in your harness is on our shelves.® From wire and cable to harness management products, WireMasters has you covered. Not to mention WireMasters' top-of-the-line connector offering provides end-to-end coverage and some of the best stock-to-build speed in the league! 

WireMasters' value-add connector lines include: 

Beyond the stock-to-build connectors, WireMasters has all the connector components you need, plus contactsdust capsbackshells--you name it! 

It takes more than connectors to complete a harness. Despite a suspension for some questionable trouble off the field last year, veteran M22759 is back with M27500 cables by its side. Joining them is VG-95218, and let's not forget about Netflight ethernet cable, NF24Q100

WireMasters is all about Harness Management protection, including DR-25 heat shrink tubing, heat shrink bootstermination sleevesidentification productsbraidtapescable ties, and more!

WireMasters' special teams have more to offer now than ever! Most recently, WireMasters doubled the wire processing output by adding an additional production shift. Customers can expect even shorter lead times for services like wire twisting, cut and strip options, etching, ink printing, and more. WireMasters continues to lead the league with invaluable respooling and kitting services. 

WireMasters is also your source for quick-turn custom products such as: 

  • NEMA WC27500 PTFE cables 
  • 55021 PTFE cables 
  • And more! 

Let's not forget about WireMasters' world-class Vendor Managed Inventory services!

To learn more about WireMasters' VMIwirecableconnectorsharness management products, and value-added services, contact your WireMasters representative, visit WireMasters.com, or call 855.WM.SPOOL (855.967.7665).