Laser Marking Your Wire with WireMasters

| Amanda Kole

WireMasters takes pride in our value-added department, especially our laser marking capabilities. With six machines in our  US locations, we have plenty of capacity for orders of any size in a quick and timely manner! 

All of our machines are state of the art and meticulously maintained to provide a durable, permanent, non- contact, high-quality identification marking on electrical wire and cables. We can mark on white or colored insulations including XLETFE, PTFE, FEP, ETFE or similar jackets up to size six gauge.

Laser Marking can be a great alternative to direct ink, hot stamping, or other wire marking methods.  Often these approaches can create damage to the wire, causing electrical failures.  Some methods often wear off over time due to friction, whereas laser marked wire retains its electrical characteristics and the markings are permanent.

Now that you know about our Laser Marking capabilities let’s get to know WireMasters’ state of the art Laser Marking Machines!

Spectrum Nova 860 laser marking machine -WireMasters has two high volume production Spectrum Nova 860 machines-one at our Headquarters and one at our Arizona warehouse. Using Ultraviolet (UV) laser marking, the laser reacts with the insulation of the wiring to create a permanent marking. This massive machine is equipped with a 16-station de-reeler and a UV 355 nm solid state tripled Nd:YAG Class 1 laser. The Nova machines were created specifically for the aerospace industry and are utilized by a number of major aerospace companies for commercial and military use.


Laselec ULYS Modena 990-SL- Located at our WireMasters Texas facility, the Laselec ULYS Modena 990-SL is designed for high volume production runs for cable diameters ranging from 6 gauge (6.3 mm) up to 26 (0.75 mm). Large laser firing frequency allows the capacity for all cables to be marked by cylindrical UV with up to 45 characters in each font. The laser is fully adjustable and equipped with an energy level indicator (for contrast) with automatic adjustment to the required characteristics.

Laselec MRO 200 Laser Marker – Known to be a highly reliable and high-performance marker, the MRO 200 handles, cuts and marks each wire carefully while guaranteeing the integrity of the wire remains. With simple and quick respooling changing abilities, the machine can run cable lengths of 5.9 inches to 3,277 feet (15 cm to 999 m) on 6 gauge (6.3 mm) up to 26 gauge (0.75 mm) single-core wires and jacketed multi-core cables.


Spectrum CAPRIS 50-300– The Capris 50 series has been manufactured by Spectrum since 1990, and the CAPRIS 50-300 model is one of the top range UV laser wire marking machines within the CAPRIS 50 series. Using Ultraviolet solid state Nd:YAG lasers, the permanent markings are produced at maximum speeds of 100 ft per minute and complies fully with SAE ARP 5607- legibility of print on aerospace wires and cables guidelines. Spectrum produces their CAPRIS and NOVA series to conform to Airbus,BoeingSikorsky Aircraft and other OEM processing standards.

Laselec ULYS 330- WireMasters Laselec ULYS 330 laser marker is located at our headquarters in Tennessee. Providing a high-quality contrast marking that is permanent and unalterable, this ULYS can process all UV-Markable single-core wires and shielded multi-core cables ranging from 6 gauge (6.3 mm) up to 26 (0.75 mm). Equipped with a cutting system compliant with all aircraft industry standards, the real-time energy level controls provide automatic contrast adjustments to ensure desired specifications on your wiring print!

These high-quality machines help the WireMasters team optimize production times while saving our customers time and money. Let our team help mark and identify your wiring products today!


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Laser Marking machines in our warehouse locations include:

Tennessee: Spectrum Capris 50 - 300, Spectrum Nova 860, Laselec ULYS 330.

Texas: Laselec ULYS Modena 990-SL, and a Laselec MRO 200 machine.

Arizona: Spectrum Nova 860