Innovating Data Cable-Increasing Speeds. Decreasing Weights. Improved Communications.

| Amanda Kole
Data Cables are an increasing demand throughout the Aerospace industry. Often used on applications such as In-Flight Entertainment Systems, Cabin Management Systems, Ethernet Avionics, and Ground Vehicle Trunk and Bus, these cables need to provide optimized speed to meet customers’ requirements.
As one of the world’s largest wire and cables distributors, WireMasters carries a variety of these data cables in stock from manufactures like Carlisle,ECS, Emteq, Harbour, Pic, and T/E Connectivity. Each of these manufactures provides uniquely designed products with a variety of enhanced characteristics.
Carlisle’s Netflight cables are among some of the most popular data and Ethernet cables that WireMasters stocks. Offered in twisted pairs, shielded quads, and single twisted pair constructions, you might recognize these products under part numbers such as NF24Q100, NF24P100, NF22P100, NF26Q100-01, NF24Q100-01, NF22Q100-01, NF26T100, NF24T100, and NF22T100. These specifications feature an advance LTE extruded expanded PTFE dielectric for increased velocity of propagation.
ECS is a Carlisle company that also produces data, composite, and coaxial cables. ECS product lines are built to improve your avionics installation process and offer a variety of options that are designed to meet, or exceed, burn requirements set by Federal Aviation guidelines. WireMasters stocks a number of their cables with our top three being the 50 ohm Coax Cable 311501, the Cat 5 data cable 392404, and the 50 ohm data cable 311201.
WireMasters also carries a variety of Databus and Ethernet products manufactured by Emteq/B/E Aerospace. Streamline communications throughout your various avionics, aircraft, and military systems with their Databus cables or utilize their Ethernet cables such as the CAT 5, CAT 5e, CAT 6, CAT 6a, and CAT 7 for Local Area Network (LAN) applications and data transmission in high performance and light weight specifications.
Harbour Industries has 50 years of experience in innovation with high performance wire and cable. Their full line of high speed data cables provides light weight options with small diameters and easy termination. Utilized throughout the Aerospace industry, their three data cable categories include their DataMaster® Gigabit Ethernet, DataMaster® Quad Designs, and Twisted Pair & Composite Designs all of which are quality products with competitive prices. Possibly their most popular data cables are the DataMaster® Gigabit Ethernet cables which include their DATAMASTER® AERO, DATAMASTER™ AEROBIT, and the DATAMASTER™ AEROFIT. Stocking these products, WireMasters can help reduce your crosstalk, increase flexibility, decrease the overall weight, and offer a product to fit through tight spaces in your applications.
Pic Wire and Cable is another great manufacture for your choice of data cables. Their RF Mates, VideoMates, and DataMates are their aircraft data cable options that can be used in commercial and military applications. Although WireMasters stocks around 30 different Pic data cable items, our top three include the V73263 videoMATE, and the E10224 and E10424 DataMATES. The V73263 is a lightweight 75 OHM cable used for high-definition digital products or analog video. Pic designed their E10224 specifically as a twisted-pair construction that effectively reduces inductive interference while 100% foil and 90% braided shielding serve to further protect against EMI. The DataMATE E10424 is similar to the E10224 in that it reduces interference and provides EMI protection, but it serves as a 2 pair option vs the 1 pair E10224.
T/E Connectivity is known for their innovations and engineering excellence with high performance wire and cable. When using T/E Connectivity data communication products you will find leading edge signal integrity and Electro-Magnetic-Interference (EMI) modeling and testing capabilities required for increasing data rates. As technology advances it’s important to optimize data rate speeds throughout the next generation applications. T/E offers a variety of high-speed data cable options along with the components you might need when installing them.
WireMasters and our manufacturers recognize the importance of completing your applications with the perfect cable solution to enable and enhance your applications with high speed and high-performance products. Call us today to help locate which product is just right for your systems.