A Look Inside the Boeing Approved BMS13-48 Wire and Cable

| Amanda Kole
As a leading distributor of Mil-Spec and BMS (Boeing Military Specification) wire, cable and accessories, WireMasters stocks a variety of the BMS13-48 specification products. Approved by Boeing, this specification establishes the requirements for insulated wire and cable with tin–coated and silver–coated copper conductors, nickel–coated and silver–coated high strength copper alloy conductors with a primary insulation of cross–linked Ethylenetetrafluoroethylene (ETFE).
Constructed to withstand corrosive fluids, these products are utilized throughout the Aerospace Industry for general purpose use in pressurized and unpressurized areas of the aircraft. Any functioning circuits that contain this wire and cable will be limited to operating at 600V, and can be exposed to temperatures ranging from –65 C to +150 C.
The construction of the wire is determined by the wire and cable type, class, and gauge size. With sixty-five types and seven classes, the specifications cover sizes 24 AWG through 4/0 AWG. When completed, the products will have a jacket color of white unless otherwise specified.
WireMasters carries all qualified manufacturers of this product including Thermax, Judd, and T/E Connectivity. Since becoming a T/E authorized distributor in 2012, WireMasters stocks Tyco’s 55PC high-performance wire and cable, which meets the Boeing Material Specification for BMS13-48.
We know the break-down of these part numbers can be tricky; below WireMasters provides a handy guide to help you determine the proper wire for your application.
If you have any questions or need an RFQ on any BMS material contact us.