Are you protecting your wire and cable properly?

| Amanda Kole

Aerospace and defense applications utilize miles of wireand cable.  Therefore, it is system critical to ensure they are properly insulated, protected and bundled. WireMasters offers multiple solutions for protection with our braid,expandable sleeving, and tubing products. Utilizing these products can enhance the systems performance and improve the reliability and life of the wiring harness application by sealing it, insulating it, protecting it, joining it, reducing it, repairing it, and MORE!

WireMasters mil-spec braid product lines offer multiple sizes to optimize your shield effectiveness. Braids are composed of tinned plated silver, nickel, and copper as well as other materials such as, aluminum and bronze, to help reduce electrostatic interference, mechanical abrasions, and stress on your cables. These braids, even when fully exposed, provide full coverage for many operating years, while providing EMI/RFI protection. These braids are often used in the place of foil shielding due to the superior flexibility, especially on short run cables. For more information about WireMasters Mil-Spec braid products CLICK HERE.

When utilizing Expandable Sleeving throughout your systems it’s easy to organize your wire bundles and harnesses, while providing a superior protection against a wide variety of issues such as dirt, abrasion, moisture, UV, oils, fuel, chemicals, and high temperatures. Fitting conveniently over the wire and cable bundles, the expandable sleeving is a great alternative to using heat shrink tubing without having the added process of shrinking the protective sleeve. The various materials and sizes make it easy to find a sleeving that properly fits your wiring. You can find additional information on WireMasters Expandable Sleeving by CLICKING HERE.

Tubing can be a great choice for protection against abrasion, chemicals, water, oil, and corrosion. These products are offered in an assortment of sizes, shrink ratios, dimensions for a proper secure fit. Manufactured from Teflon, Neoprene, Polyolefin, Kynar, and other strong materials, WireMasters can help locate a tubing that would meet the characterizes and requirements needed by your aviation system. CLICK HERE for more information on WireMasters tubing products.

If you are looking to provide protection to your wire and cable, but aren’t sure which product would fit your needs let WireMasters experienced and knowledgeable team help you locate a protective sleeve that properly meets your systems requirements. Contact us today!