SKU: WMBMS13-60T19C01G012


WMBMS13-60T19C01G012 MFG #: BMS13-60T19C01G012
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  • Expando Color: White
  • Gauge: 12
  • Insulation: PTFE Tape
  • Temp: 260
Boeing has adopted the BMS material platform to restrict and ensure that all new material and processes are met accordingly. These strict regulations help control the purchasing process for buyers and manufactures to give consistent properties across all platforms. WireMasters is aware of the high quality Boeing standards, and carefully inspects each product making sure it’s coherent with the exact specifications given by Boeing. All BMS wire and BMS Cable (Boeing Military Specification) must conform to the Boeing quality assurance standards when manufactured. Undergoing extensive testing when manufactured, the strict speciation’s help ensure a quality controlled product is placed throughout Boeing Commercial Aircraft. As a leading distributor for the BMS wire, cable and accessories, WireMasters stocks a variety of the BMS specification products that all adhere to Boeing’s guidelines.
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Nickel Coated Copper