Industry Veteran - Nick Aubrey Joins WireMasters

| Amanda Kole
WireMasters, Inc. is pleased to announce that Nick Aubrey­—a 29-year industry veteran–has joined the company as the Business Development Manager EMEA. The global distributor of wire, cable, and harness accessories brings Mr. Aubrey onboard to drive new business and foster existing relationships with companies in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region. 
Before joining WireMasters, Mr. Aubrey spent more than a quarter-century of his career with some of the top names in the aerospace, defense, and aviation industries. He is well-versed in sales, leadership, business development, product knowledge, has a passion for business, and creates effective teams to bring about growth.
Owner and Chairman of the Board, David C. Hill, said, “This hire is a big win for WireMasters and the continued expansion of our global presence. Mr. Aubrey brings an impressive professional history and a passion for this industry that is unmatched, making him a perfect addition to the WireMasters family. I look forward to his contribution to our team and have full confidence that his industry knowledge, proven business skills, and integrity will represent WireMasters well in the EMEA region and beyond.

To get to know more about Nick, we sat down with him to discuss his new position and expectations.

  • What does a day in the life of being a Business Development Manager look like?
    No two days are the same (which I love!), and there is usually a mix of strategic planning, customer interaction, and collaborating with suppliers.
  • What is it about the aerospace, aviation, and defense industries that has kept your interest for the past several decades?
    That’s easy – the applications. I’ve been lucky enough to be involved and design-in on some great projects – from Commercial & Military Aircraft, Surface Ships & Submarines, Weapon Systems to Oil and Gas Subsea Production Systems.
  • Why WireMasters? 
    Reputation, Pedigree, Portfolio, and the progressive nature of the business all underpinned by service and customer focus! Perfect!!
  • Where do you see WireMasters in the next few years? 
    As a trusted partner in the interconnect arena with a reputation for being customer-obsessed, reliable, and flexible. To be the number one distributor of wire & harness components in the world by providing industry-leading service and unmatched quality to our customers.
  • What are some of your goals for this new venture? 
  1. To build a Sales community in the EMEA region where we use speed as a weapon and excite and delight our customers.
  2. Collaborate closely with key suppliers to ensure we have the correct portfolios at a competitive cost.
  3. Increase customer awareness of the WireMasters brand and services to deliver profitable growth.
  • Where is your favorite place to travel? 
    I love Italy – the climate, culture, architecture, and food. The Italian creativity and eye for design also interest me greatly.
  • What do you like to do on a day off the job? 
    I enjoy hiking, cycling, the occasional golf game, and especially spending time with my daughters.

In speaking with Nick, it was clear of his excitement surrounding his new position, and we look forward to his future at WireMasters!

CLICK HERE to connect with Nick and personally congratulate him on his new position with WireMasters!