Judd Wire NOE

| Todd Edwards

Updated May 27, 2022

Judd Wire has released an NOE Notification Letter (Updated 2022.05.26) and a 3rd party N1497-R001 – Final Report relevant to many of its aerospace wire and cable products.

Following an internal audit in August 2021, Judd Wire discovered some testing gaps in its procedures for fulfilling the lot-to-lot testing requirements of certain aerospace product specifications. Some of these tests were performed less frequently, for example, every six months or less frequently, upon product qualification or requalification as required by the qualifying activity. 

Upon discovering these testing gaps, Judd Wire immediately brought all its testing practices into compliance with all specifications as it further investigated the cause and scope of the testing gaps. All testing gaps identified by this internal investigation have been remedied as of August 30, 2021, and all required lot tests for the relevant aerospace specifications have been performed in accordance with the specifications since that date.

In particular, Judd Wire‘s QA review concluded that the company was not performing on a lot basis some tests required to be performed on each production lot for the following aerospace wire and cable specifications.  (See documents below for more details.)

  • AS22759
  • WC 27500
  • AS85485
  • Mil-W-16878
  • Sikorsky- SS7614, SS7615, SS8548
  • Lockheed- 79M000042, STM01-109, STM01-600, 5PTM1T04, 5PTM1T05, 5PTM1T03, MD 1058, 1059, 1065, 1060, 1063, 1064, 982,
  • Boeing- HS5649, HS5543, HS5930, DMS 2340, 5M3152, DAF35249411, SCGMS19050 (Grade A & Grade B)
  • Raytheon- HMS 2-2129, HMS2412
  • Northrup Grumman- GW805CE, GW805CF, GW875RW, GW875UF
  • Embraer ER-145-EL-004
  • Teledyne 804-054
  • Astronics 57-00260

You may have the option to waive the requirement for certified Mil-Spec material. To facilitate such a waiver, please complete and return the document(s) below to WireMasters:

For more information about this notice or affected orders, please contact your WireMasters Account Executive directly or call 855.WM.SPOOL (855.967.7665) or (+49) 06051 6060-0.

For information about the previous stop shipment of Judd Wire material affecting certain 22759 and 27500 items, click here.