Aerospace & Defense Solutions - WireMasters supplier spotlight on Zeus Part 2

| Amanda Kole

Aerospace and Defense applications are continually evolving and driving the need for innovative and enhanced products which optimize operating capabilities. WireMasters and its supplier Zeus are dedicated to helping our customers achieve their goals with Aerospace and Defense solution products.

Our recent blog post “Turning Polymers into Possibilities” featured the benefits of using Zeus products. In Part 2 of this series, we will be demonstrating product solutions for various areas of the aircraft and what products might best fit your application.

COMPOSITE FORMING -There are various Zeus products that aid in composite forming. Approved contact resins, FEPETFE,  and PTFE are used when Zeus constructs their Sub-Lite-Wall®(~0.004”) heat shrinks. These sleeving products provide a quality and seamless covering to the composite forming mandrels or bladders that expand because of the heat and pressure required for composite manufacturing. These are specially engineered products that have the smallest wall thicknesses available - built down to 0.001" (0.0254 mm) ± 0.0005" (0.013 mm). Zeus also offers an FEP Lay-Flat®, another thin wall tubing product. This heat shrink product is available in long continuous lengths and easily slides over a mandrel as a sleeve to aid in composite forming. When heated, the tubing provides a glove-like fit and is naturally lubricious, which helps protect the mandrel during cure. If you are currently using tape or film, these tubing products can be a great alternative as they offer an improved surface finish on the end composite part.It works as an aid to cover a mandrel, which composite is then “laid” over it and with their easy installation process they can help with save labor time.

FIBER OPTIC -Fiber Optic cables are a growing part of the wiring industry for aerospace and defense. The performance of these cables often is determined by the sheathing or that protects the delicate fibers. Materials such as FEPPTFETHVPEEK, or ETFE are typical performance resins utilized for fiber optic extrusions. Convoluted tubing or AS81914 tubing can be extruded with performance resins such as PTFEFEP, and ETFE, allowing flexibility while still protecting fibers and wires from abrasion.

WIRE HARNESS-Aerospace and Defense applications have an abundance of wire harnesses which often need to be organized and protected. Zeus tubing options for wire harnesses are unlimited, starting with spiral wrap. Spiral Wrap is known for its easy installation and can be great in situations where changes or services have to be performed frequently, since it allows for the easy break out of individual wires. The wrap is flexible and expandable making it a popular option for installing over wire bundles. With excellent dielectric properties, the wrap also has these desirable characteristics:  high lubriciousnessUV resistance, and a V-0 flammability rating.

Convoluted tubing is a high quality choice for your wire harnesses, especially when installations are done in tight spaces. Manufactured to Military Specifications (MIL-SPEC) AS81914/ M81914 variants 1-6, the conduit provides a flexible and protective covering against abrasion. The high-performance tubing can be drilled with holes to act as drain passages or marked with part numbers and slit to easily wrap and protect wires.

For a tight protective sleeving, look to Zeus’s heat shrink products, which offer excellent performance in harsh operating environments of heat, corrosion, shock, moisture, and other critical conditions. Zeus offers these performance heat shrink products: FEP M23053/11PTFE M23053/12PTFE/FEP Dual-Shrink® & PEEKshrink®. Where moisture issues arise, PTFE / FEP Dual-Shrink® gives a tight seal over wirescables, and connectors in severe operating conditions up to 450 °F (232 °C).

FLUID TRANSFER-In aerospace and defense corrosive and sensitive fluids or chemicals such as; JP fuels, Skydrol, De-icing and Salt Spray can cause issues. Zeus has been working for 50 years to provide innovative strategies with their PFA High Purity (HP) Tubing, FEP tubing, and THV tubing. These tubing products can be constructed with various wall thicknesses and tolerances to adapt to your systems.

MOTOR/MAGNET WINDING – PEEK is one of the highest performing thermoplastics and excels in diverse harsh environments. Zeus’s PEEK Insulated Wire (magnet wire) is built to enhance your motors and holds dielectric properties of more than 3000 volts/mil, 500°F/260°C. The magnet wires are available in Round, solid, stranded, square, and rectangle shapes and are often found in aerospace motor winding applications.

Zeus is the world’s leading polymer extrusion manufacturer and with over 50 years of experience. WireMasters is happy to work with companies like Zeus and help provide these outstanding quality aerospace solutions to our customers. For more information on WireMasters tubing solutions from Zeus please contact us. Visit WireMasters’ tubing page-CLICK HERE.